Entering the 21st Century

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Although film is #1 in my heart, these days digital is where it’s at.  I’ve slowly been accepting it.  Fewer and fewer places are even developing film — Ritz is out of business and A&P supermarket has ended their photo lab services.  You know technology has passed you by when people (usually children, but not always) want to see their picture I just took of them on the back of my camera.  Then I explain to them that I use a different kind of camera that uses “film” and doesn’t have a screen on the back.

I don’t plan to stop using film completely.  There is still much I’d like to explore and skills I’d like to improve.  However, I have been making progress in adding digital photography into my repertoire.  Last week I found the local camera shop and played around with a couple of DSLR models that I’ve been considering.  And now I even have Photoshop on my computer!  I’ve used it a bit before in school and at work, but I’ve never had my own copy where I could really figure out what I’m doing.  Also, I just noticed that with my almost up-to-date version of iPhoto, there are actually some pretty decent editing tools that previous versions didn’t have.

Today I uploaded a picture from Pinewoods of Emma A. and Emma S. to my flickr site. The picture was taken with film that produced very vibrant colors.  I liked the way it looked, but I was curious to see what I could do in Photoshop to make it into a good black and white.  I’ve seen some great black and white photos that use Photoshop actions from Kristy Lane, so I that was the first thing I wanted to try now that I actually have Photoshop.  I haven’t figured it all out yet, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

First the original.
Sun Kissed
Emma & Emma