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So this is my blog.

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So this is my photo blog!  That’s the plan, anyway.  It’s not much now, but just you wait!  You’ll see.  This is just the beginning.  Soon I will be sharing my photos, my experiences, and I don’t know exactly what else, but it’s going to be great!

While this figures to be just a bit slow out of the gate, I already have a site that’s in full swing.  If you don’t know already, flickr is an amazing photo sharing website.  I love the most interesting photos from the last 7 days page.  Go there, look at the photos, and then hit refresh.  You probably don’t need to be told to do it again.  Once you start, you might not be able to stop.  Very addictive.

Being that this is a photoblog, I’ll get it started off on the right foot by posting a photo.  Here’s one I took at the Ashfield Fall Festival, in Western Massachusetts this past year.

see through me

And here’s more Fall Festival on Flickr.

This photo above was nice surprise.  Since I only took one shot of this, it wasn’t one of the ones I was even thinking about as I waited to get my film developed.  But it’s definitely one I really like.  What a somber expression she has as she looks through the strings attached to the lifeless marionettes.

One of the great things about shooting with film is the excitement you feel when you finally see your images.  They’ve been stored on your roll, kept in the dark, and nobody has actually ever seen them.  Nobody can even really verify that you actually have images on your film.  But they are there, just waiting to be developed.

The first excitement is just the “Yay! It worked!”  And then there are all the surprises.  You never know what your pictures are going to look like — and then you find out.  It’s the moment of truth.   Sometimes there are several you like, sometimes they all suck (but it was still fun).

Come back for more photoblog entries.  It’ll be great.