Month: May 2009

Hal-an-tow & Blues

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So I’ve heard that I have some friends that actually read this, and they want me to post more.  Great!  I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve been trying get out and use my camera as much as possible.  I still haven’t read the manual, but I’m figuring it out as I go.  May Day was one of the best opportunities I’ve had so far for interesting pictures with my new toy.  My day began when I got up in the middle of the night to head to the Weeks Footbridge in Cambridge to celebrate May Day with several area Morris dancing teams.  That was just the first stop of 3 near Harvard Square. In addition to Morris Dancing, there was also Garland and Rapper Sword dancing being performed.  Interspersed with the performances, everyone was encouraged to participate in welcoming in summer with Country Dances, Maypole Dances, and songs.


I’ve also been working on my photo editing.  In the rest of these I was experimenting with my trial version of Lightroom. The one above was edited with my Capture NX2 trial.

kiddo garland dancing

Princess Royale

May Day

It was a pretty full day.  That night I went to the Challenging Contra at the Scout House and from there I went to Koren’s Blues dancing birthday house party in Arlington. The party was lots of fun!  Naturally, I took along my camera.  I’d say I was up about 22.5 hours that day.

Dance Party


Dance Party

There are more photos from Koren’s party on flickr, and even more that I’ll be posting soon of both the party and May Day festivities.